Avon is known for its innovative road improvement program that has emphasized intersection improvements using roundabouts to move traffic safely and efficiently. Avon has seven roundabouts with three more planned. 

The Town's first roundabout was opened in 2007 at the intersection of County Road 100 S and Dan Jones Road.  Other roundabouts that have been constructed are at 100 North/Dan Jones, 200 South/Dan Jones and 200 North/900 E. Other roundabouts are located on Satori Parkway and 100 South/Raceway Road. A roundabout at 200 North/Dan Jones will be constructed in the fall of 2011. Two additional roundabouts are planned for 625 E/150 S and 100 N/1050 E. 

The Town is continually trying to educate drivers on how to use a roundabout.


For additional information on how to drive a roundabout please view the following information put out by the Washington State Department of Transportation