The Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Avon serves as the fiscal officer of the town and is responsible for several duties as the clerk. In addition to receiving and disbursing revenue by order of the Avon Town Council, the office of Clerk-Treasurer also handle the following tasks:

  • Maintain financial records and statements for all Town expenses
  • Maintain custody of all official town documents and records
  • Process alarm permits for residential, commercial, and industrial businesses
  • Accept and process public records requests
  • Accept and process direct seller permits (door-to-door sales)
  • Accept and process assembly permits
  • Ensure compliance with public access laws
  • Maintain records and minutes from all Town Council meetings

Public Records & Fees

The Town of Avon maintains a number of public records available to the general public. In compliance with state statutes that govern the fees associated with these records, the Town of Avon has established a fee schedule. Please note that all payments must be made by credit card, cashier check, or money order. Effective October 1st 2016, the Town of Avon has adopted a no-cash handling policy.