Child Seat Inspections

Child Passenger Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 72% of car seats are improperly installed or utilized by parents and caregivers. Our agency maintains a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician who can perform a quick check on your car seats to make sure your child is safe in their car seats. This service is free of charge, but must be scheduled by appointment by submitting your contact information on our Child Passenger Safety Inspection form below.

Child Passenger Safety Inspection

  1. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

    • Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children ages 1 to 13
    • Properly installed, child restraints (car seats) reduce the risk of injury by 71 to 82%, and reduce the risk of death by 28%
    • But an estimated 72% of car seats are improperly installed or used incorrectly

    The Avon Police Department wants to help you protect your children by putting them in the right seat, at the right time - and use it the right way!

    Our Child Passenger Safety Technician is available to:

    • Inspect your current car seat for damage and identify any recalled seats or parts
    • Explain best practices for seat type, seat placement, seat installation
    • Educate on current Indiana laws governing child restraints
    • Give guidance on next steps as your child grows
    • Assist any family that cannot afford a car seat with obtaining one

    These services are free of charge, but must be scheduled by appointment. Please submit your information below and a specialist will contact you to schedule an inspection!

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