267 Bridge Project

2-5-18 Update: Avon Avenue Bridge, Roundabout and Trail Project

  • Bridge railing and wooden guardrail will be installed when the weather improves.
  • Remaining work on the trail and sidewalks will begin in Mid-April.
  • Bridge is installed.
  • West lane approach to bridge is paved, north and south of bridge.
  • 25 South is paved.
  • Sidewalks are installed on both sides of Avon Avenue from Roundabout to Galen Drive West.
  • New road to Avon Transportation Center from 25 South is finished.
  • Both lanes, south of the bridge, are paved.
  • Roundabout landscaping installed.
  • House on the west side of Avon Avenue, just south of Shell gas station, will be used as a construction field office.
  • Construction bid awarded to Superior Construction for $9,039,054.

Project includes a roundabout for 25 South and Avon Avenue and a bridge over the CSX railroad tracks, a trail on the east side, and a sidewalk on the west side.

Information on roundabouts