Avon Balloon Glow

The Avon Balloon Glow takes place every June in conjunction with the Hendricks County Rib Fest at Kingsway Christian Church.

Next Glow Date: June 30, 2018

A balloon glow is just what it sounds like... but better! While tethered to the ground, hot air balloons inflate and the pilots light them from within. The sight of hot air balloons lit up like giant colorful lightbulbs is breathtaking. Pilots also coordinate "all burns," illuminating all balloons at once as well as "count downs," which are very crowd participatory events. Balloon baskets will be set up in the afternoon - check them out and talk to the crews!

Please note: All glow balloons remain grounded!

Tethered Balloon Rides!

During a tethered ride, the balloon is tied to the ground to keep it from flying away. This allows the balloon to lift off and "fly" a small group of people without taking an actual hot air balloon ride! Tethered balloon rides usually last approximately 5 minutes and will fly between 50 to 80 feet. The exact height is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to wind and number of passengers.

Space Is Limited!

Tickets may be purchased in advance: depending on advanced sales, tickets may not be available the night of the glow.

Please note: Tether rides are handicap accessible.

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Photo Booth & Walkthrough Balloon

(These activities are open to all and free!)

The Photo Booth is just that, except your booth is an actual hot air balloon basket. Each participant or group will receive a photo strip to take home.

Walkthrough Balloon

The Walkthrough Balloon should bring back memories of your old gym class and the colorful parachute, except this is way better! You get to walk through an actual balloon! The best description of both these activities is a picture, so check these out! Oh and don't worry, the walk through balloon is inflated with fans (no propane tanks and fire to dodge).