Town Court

NOTE: The Avon Town Court will be closed April 17th – 21st 2023. Payments can still be made via MAIL, OR DROP BOX INSIDE THE POLICE STATION.  Payments should ONLY be made via MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER CHECK. 

The Avon Town Court was established in 2000 to facilitate judicial proceedings for infractions and ordinance violations in Avon and Hendricks County. The presiding judge over the Avon Town Court is Judge Jeremy Eglen.

Payment Deadline & Extension

If you have received a citation and you have been slated through the Avon Town Court, you have 30 days to pay your fine. You may apply for one extension with court staff, however your extension request must be submitted on or before the 30-day timeline of receiving the citation by law enforcement. Applicants may only receive one extension, which provides 30 additional days to make payment. The form to request an extension can be found in the lobby of the Avon Police Department and Avon Town Court, or you can download a copy here. Extension requests must be completed by the individual who received the citation and must be submitted during normal business hours with the Avon Town Court. Copies of the Avon Town Court waiver slip can be found here.


Please note that the Avon Town Court does not accept cash payments or personal/business checks. Accepted forms of payments include credit/debit card, money order, or cashier's checks only. Payments made by credit/debit card will include a $3 processing fee. Payments cannot be taken over the phone or online at this time. There is a $25 late fee added to all citations after 30 days.

Common Offenses & Fine Schedules

While a more exhaustive list of fines and fees can be found here, common violations and fines include:

Alarm Permit Violation (No Alarm or Alarm Violation)$170.00
Commercial Vehicle - Third Lane Violations$170.00
Commercial Vehicle - Log Book Violation$170.00
Commercial Vehicle - Seatbelt$170.00
Disregarding Automatic Signal$170.00
Disregarding Stop Sign$170.00
Driving Left of Center$170.00
Driving While Suspended$170.00
Expired Drivers License$170.00
Expired License Plates$170.00
Failure to Signal$170.00
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way$170.00
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle$170.00
False or Fictitious Registration$170.00
Following too Closely$170.00
Handicap Parking Violation$170.00
Hands-Free Violation (Hands-Free Phone Use)$170.00
Heavy Truck Violation (Weight Restriction on Local Roadways)$170.00
Illegal Parking (Fire Lane)$170.00
Improper Lane Change$170.00
Improper Passing on Right$170.00
Learners Permit Violation$170.00
Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Financial Responsibility$170.00
Probationary License Violation$170.00
Seatbelt Violation (Non-CDL)$25.00
Seatbelt Violation (CDL)$170.00
Seatbelt Violation (Child Restraint)$25.00
Speeding in Construction Zone$170.00
Speeding in School Zone$170.00
Unsafe Start$170.00
Window Tint Violation$170.00

Above listed fees are subject to change.

Suspension & Reinstatement

In the event that payments are not made in accordance with the above-mentioned timelines, violators may be subject to having their license suspended through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  In the event that your license is suspended as a result of a pending case through Avon Town Court, violators can submit payment for the underlying violation to the Avon Town Court, and upon receipt of payment in full, court staff will submit an electronic report to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  In some instances, violators may have fees that must also be paid to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  In such instances, this matter can be resolved by visiting the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles for more information.