Workforce & Education

At the Center of 1,200,00+ Skilled Workers

Avon, Indiana is at the center of a 19-county labor shed (a 50-mile radius) that’s home to more than 1.2 million hardworking and highly skilled individuals. Our part of Indiana is filled with people who were raised in an atmosphere of agricultural, factory, and distribution work, in which they learned the importance of a strong work ethic from their parents and grandparents. The current generation of local workers has combined that attitude with a solid foundation of education. They’re ready to work and eager to learn.


The importance of education locally is reflected in the fact that Hendricks County includes several of the state’s most successful K-12 school districts, with the Avon Community School Corporation always ranked near the top. Local schools consistently earn Four-Star status, Indiana’s highest ranking for educational quality, and are focused on instilling the skills young people need to become productive and energetic workers. Advanced Placement and dual-credit classes in the K-12 districts give students an affordable head start on postsecondary education, enhancing their chances of success and helping them get into the workforce more quickly.

Local school districts work closely with area employers to develop coursework that prepares students to succeed in-demand career fields. In particular, the Area 31 Career Center, which delivers career and technical education programs to students from 11 local K-12 districts, is highly regarded for its success in preparing students for career fields such as robotics, engineering, CNC machining, welding, and logistics.


Working adults also have plenty of opportunities for skills development. Hendricks College Network is a local non-profit that connects employers with the specific training their employees need. Indiana’s generous state incentive programs also offer ways for employers to offset the cost of specialized training. In addition, Hendricks County’s Hendricks Jobs website serves as a local clearinghouse where Avon employers can post and fill open positions.