Conveniently Located in One of North America’S Top Logistics Hubs

Avon, Indiana is at the western edge of the Indianapolis metro, in the very center of the region’s fast-growing logistics hub. We’re a natural location for all sorts of businesses thanks to an extensive highway network that puts us within a day’s drive of more than 145 million hungry consumers — nearly half of the total population of the lower 48 states! That highway network also gives us a labor shed of more than 1.2 million skilled and educated workers within a one-hour drive.

Avon is crossed by U.S. 36 and Ronald Reagan Parkway, an Interstate-grade divided highway, both of which provide fast connections to Interstates 465, 65, 70, 69, and 74, and other highways offering fast routes to the entire United States. Downtown Indianapolis is just a half-hour away, and major markets such as Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville, Atlanta, and many others are within an easy day’s drive.

A key component of our transportation network is the Indianapolis International Airport, located just a few minutes from Avon via Ronald Reagan Parkway. The airport offers flights throughout America and to Europe, with extensive global air cargo service that includes the world’s second-largest FedEx hub.

The CSX Avon Yard includes both transload and intermodal facilities. We’re also within a half-day of several major ports, including ocean shipping from Lake Michigan’s Burns Harbor facility and the Ohio River terminals in Mount Vernon and Jeffersonville, Indiana.