Street Sweeping

Town of Avon Street Sweeping

The Town of Avon performs a street sweep of roadways within the Town of Avon limits 1-2 times a year.   This helps to keep the roads clean and free from damage-causing elements.  During this time, the Town of Avon Public Works team works with contractors to complete the cleaning as efficiently as possible.  While we hope to not cause issues with parking, or disruption in normal daily life, the cleaning process requires all to work together.  The Public Works team has divided the Town of Avon into 4 quadrants.  Below you will see a photo showing the entire town, and the 4 quadrants mentioned.  Below the large image, are additional images of each quadrant zoomed in.  

We always try our best to notify the quadrants before sweeping happens, but we encourage all to sign up for direct notifications through our website at to stay up to date.  Subscribe to "Town of Avon Roadwork" to know about street sweeping and other road projects happening in Town limits by email and text.

Once a quadrant is scheduled for cleaning, our contractors will only clean where accessible.  This is where we need your help.  If you reside in a quadrant that is scheduled for cleaning, please do not park on the street, and make sure that your trash/recycling bins are not on the street.  We can't pinpoint when exactly a road or subdivision will be completed, so there will be a time frame but no exact scheduled time.

If you have questions about the Town of Avon Street Sweeping, please email Keeton Olson.

UPDATED: November 9th, 2023

Starting November 10th, 2023, Street Sweeping will begin in the Town of Avon. 
This will continue until all Town of Avon roads have been completed to our standards.