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When conversations about consolidation or reorganization come into play, some become concerned or weary about how it might affect them.  Additionally, having extremely opinionated and incorrect information spread online can increase panic.  Therefore the Town of Avon has created this page on our website.  We wish to transparently share what the process looks like, offer an FAQ, and provide a place for you to submit consolidation/reorganization questions in one easy place. Please note that a petition for consolidation/reorganization can take two potential tracks.  The track is determined by where the signatures were collected... out of Town vs. In Town.  Below you will see if Town Voters initiate the consolidation/reorganization process.  

The process, outlined below, is based on Indiana Code 36-1.5-4, which can be referenced online by visiting 

Updated November 22nd, 2022 - Washington Township voted to deny the request from the Town and the request from the unincorporated residents to pursue conversations, which would include a financial study. They voted to deny this to allow them to create their own resolution. This newly formed resolution will be heard at the December 15th, 2022 Washington Township Board meeting.  A copy of their denial can be found by clicking the following link.  Washington Township Resolution 112222-01 (PDF)

Updated August 12th, 2022 - We are currently on step 5 of the outline below.  If you would like to have a better understanding of the Town's 'Why', please feel free to watch the voting on the resolution that happened at the  August 11th, 2022 meeting.  The YouTube video should start at the exact moment they speak about it, but if it doesn't, the time mark is 59:05.  We have placed the video below for your convenience.  

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  1. Town Voter Initiated

Town Voter Initiated Consolidation Process

Step Action
1 IF at least 5% of voters file a petition requesting that the Town of Avon consider consolidation, the Town submits the petition to the County Voter Registration office for certification.
2 The County Voter Registration Office certifies accuracy of 5% and certifies it to the Town.
3 The Town Council must publish Notice of a Public Hearing at least 5 days prior, to provide a Public Hearing on the petition.
4 The Council votes on a Resolution proposing consolidation (within 30 days of the Public Hearing).
5 The Town certifies Resolution to the Township.
6 The Township must consider Resolution to Reorganize.
  If the Township fails to approve a resolution to participate in consolidation, the process terminates.
  If the Township approves participation in consolidation, continue to STEP 7.
The Township certifies the Resolution to the Town Council.
8 The Township and the Town Council work together in order to prepare a plan.  This plan establishes the voter threshold (not less than 50% but not more than 55%) for approval as a public question on the ballot.  The plan must include a Financial Impact Study. 
9 The Town and the Township submit the Financial Impact Study to the DLGF for approval.
10 The Town Council and the Township must consider, after a public hearing, the Plan.
11 The Town Council and the Township will certify the Resolution to adopt or deny the Plan to each other, the Auditor, and the Recorder.  The process terminates if either the Town or Township fails to adopt the Reorganization Plan.  
12 If the Town and the Township approve the Plan, the Town, and Township work together to draft and agree upon the language of the public question.
13 Voters cast votes on public questions. If yes, then the Plan must be implemented.  If no, then the process is terminated.
14 Implement Plan.
NOTE If the Town, or Township, fails to approve the Plan or fails to act within one year, voters constituting 10% of all voters can petition the Circuit Court to initiate a referendum on the ballot.
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