Update Right Of Way Permit Requests

Once you have submitted your Right of Way Permit application, there is no way to modify or alter the submitted application.  This is to protect you and the Town of Avon from incorrect information.  However, our system DOES allow for you to log back in and add comments, including files, to the submitted application.  Below are the listed steps in order to achieve that.  Additionally, a visual walk-through is provided under the outlined steps.   If you have questions, please feel free to EMAIL the Public Works Administrative Assistant

Step 1: After you have logged back into your account on avongov.org, CLICK the "My Applications" drop-down
Step 2: Click on "RequestTracker" from the drop-down options
Step 3: Click "View Existing Requests" from the right-hand  options
Step 4: 1st - Confirm which Permit ID is correct... 2nd - Click on "Add Comment"
Step 5: ADD your comments, upload files, and use link text to describe your files... CLICK submit when done