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Avon Community Calendar Submission

  1. Please complete as much of the form below as possible.  Once approved, your event will appear on the "Avon Community Calendar".  Please note that the following are requirements for approval...

    - The event must be happening in Avon, Indiana
    - The event must be free of cost to all 
    - The event must not promote or incite violence, or disrespect to others
    - Promotion of garage sales, yard sales, neighborhood sales, business sales, etc. is prohibited 

  2. Town of Avon 2021 (Transparent)
  3. Must be 1080x1080, and in either JPG or PNG format

  4. Please include all information that goes along with your event.  This will be copied and input into the calendar verbatim.  Changes will not be allowed once input.  This includes contact information, URL link, and any other important details that you would like the community to know about.

  5. Confirmation of Information*

    By checking "Yes" below, you agree that by submitting this request, you confirm that your request abides by all rules listed above.  You also acknowledge that the Town of Avon Indiana has permission to deny your request if the Town of Avon Indiana feels that it violates any rule listed.  

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