How long will each one of these "phases" last?

That is a question that we will never be able to 100% answer. We hope to have each phase done as quickly and safely as possible, but putting an end date on each phase would be unreliable. Things happen while construction occurs, and while we hope that nothing causes a delay, the truth is there are some things that are outside of our control.  Placing a "completion date" or "end date" only opens the floodgates of frustration.  This might change over the course of the projects, and if it does, we will happily share a date that can be delivered on.  

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1. Will Dan Jones be closed during the construction?
2. What will be happening with the bridge on Dan Jones, just south of US36?
3. How long will each one of these "phases" last?
4. How do I know if you are going to take part of my yard?
5. Will a stoplight or roundabout be installed at Dan Jones Rd and Commons Blvd?
6. Heading North out of Beechwood Farms is difficult now during certain times of the day. What is the provision for safely getting out of our neighborhoods with the increased traffic and road widening?
7. We live in Hollowbrook west neighborhood. How will we be able to get out of our neighborhood during phase 2?
8. Will the Dan Jones Widening Project include a bike lane, wide shoulder on each side of the road or sidewalks?
9. Why are they widening Dan Jones Rd instead of Avon Ave ( rt 267 ) . Why not both? There are not enough north south roads available to ease traffic. How about a bridge over CR 900 n?
10. Don't know why your widening the road it nuts. All that traffic you still have to go down to 2 planes to cross the bridge.