What is the Avon Stormwater Utility?

Avon’s stormwater utility manages the runoff from rainfall. In nature, water flows from fields to streams to rivers and so on, but commercial, residential and industrial development has changed some of these natural flows. The stormwater system helps to prevent flooding and limits pollutants flowing into streams and rivers.  A property owner’s stormwater bill funds the cost of operations, maintenance, capital projects and planning for future system expansion.

In 2016, Avon conducted a feasibility study that recommended an equitable, research-based structure for potential stormwater customer rates.  The Town accomplished this by instituting rates based upon the amount of impervious surface area on each property.  Impervious surface is a term used for how much property is covered by impenetrable materials (asphalt, concrete, roofs, etc.). 

An average Avon home’s impervious surface area - 3,942 sq. ft. - established the base billing unit, called the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). Residential customers will be charged one ERU per month (3 per quarterly billing cycle), while non-residential customers will be charged multiple ERUs per month based on the property’s total impervious area divided by 3,942 sq. ft.

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1. What is the Avon Stormwater Utility?
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