How were the rates established?

Avon town officials commissioned a feasibility study in 2016 to look at an equitable, research-based structure for potential customer rates.

The potential rates are based upon the amount of impervious surface area on each property. Impervious surfaces – roofs, paving, concrete, gravel, etc. – do not allow stormwater to soak into the ground. Impervious surfaces increase urban runoff that must be directed through drainage infrastructure. More runoff creates more demand for infrastructure.

The study calculated the average impervious area from the residential customer class to establish the base billing unit, called the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). Residential customers would be charged one ERU per billing cycle. Other customer classes would be charged multiple ERUs per billing cycle based on the property’s impervious area ratio to the base billing unit.

Customer Class Rates:

Rail Yard
Rate ($/ERU/month)$6$4$2

These rates were adopted by the Avon Town Council on November 16, 2017 (Avon Ordinance 2017-25)

If you have any more questions, please call the Avon Public Works Department at 317-272-0948.

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